...Would you feel confident enough to win over your Fear and People by learning How to Speak Effectively?

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Short circuit your public speaking journey in a structured step by step approach:
60 minutes of verified tactics, methods, and confidence hacks

Important Question for every single person who is haunted by public speaking in front of 1, 2, 3... or 100 people:

If there was a practical, predictable, tried, and tested method
for attracting people’s respect and attention to you

Every Single Time

without the fear of going blank, bombing on stage, saying umm, umm, aa, aaa, and turning people off…

3 Critical Ingredients

for engaging and connecting with your audience

Read Minds of People

to understand what they want to hear

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5 Reasons

why this Masterclass is for you…

Reason #0

You care enough to read this page

Reason #1

Whenever you have to speak in front of a board, interview panel, or your boss your heart starts pounding fast (*dhak dhak dhak*), you get nervous, negative thoughts start popping up in your head and your mind goes blank...
...You lose your battle (opportunities, promotions, recognition) before it even starts

Reason #2

The person who is younger than you or has started after you is today in a higher position than you are in your career.
...No matter how hard you work people don’t notice you and your ideas

Reason #3

The times that you wanted to be on stage in the college event or any function but never once tried because of self-doubt and low confidence.
...You always thought, “I’ll never be good enough”

Reason #4

When your professor/ interviewer asks you questions you can’t answer them or when you get in an argument with someone, after 6 long hours you realize...“Oh! I should have said that!” or “Sh*t why didn’t I think of this before?”
...You just can’t think of comebacks and answers on the spot

Reason #5

You open up to your friends and family, but sadly can’t speak in social situations or office group chats, and even at parties. You lie to yourself that you are an “introvert” but in reality...
...You want to share your opinions with the world but are afraid people will judge or laugh at you.

You owe it to your past self who never got a chance…

and your future self who will miss out on opportunities…

…to learn ‘How to Speak Effectively’!

(Get unlimited lifetime access for Rs. 299)

What will

I get inside the Masterclass?

(Get unlimited lifetime access for Rs. 299)

Is this Masterclass

right for me?

I am not fluent in English, is this for me?
You do not need to be a fluent English Speaker to take this Masterclass. You can learn how to speak effectively in any medium with these principles inside the Masterclass.

I am a student studying in college, is this for me?
How to Speak Effectively will help you in your interviews/ viva exams.
It will give you the tips that will help you get on the stage at events, Live, or on Zoom/ Online Meetings.

I am a working professional (entrepreneur, full-time employee, consultant), is this for me?
Of course, this Masterclass will help you in your meetings, presentation, and networking. Contribute your opinions and ideas with confidence. Better your relationships with your peers, bosses, clients, and customers.

I am currently unemployed and want to begin work soon, is this for me?
This Masterclass will help you start on the right foot in your interactions with recruiters, interviewers and boost your overall self-confidence. You can increase your career value by 50% by learning how to speak effectively.

Have more questions?
Email me @xyz

Why do I get to teach you about Public Speaking And ‘How To Speak Effectively’?
Who am I?
Hi, my name is Ankur Warikoo.
I’m an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor, and Public Speaker.

In the last 22 years, I have founded multiple businesses namely Nearbuy.Com, Groupon India, Gaadi.com, and Secondshaadi.com. And during this journey, I have raised more than $40mn & exited for more than $100mn.

Besides being an entrepreneur, I am a content creator with more than 2Mn+ Followers on Social Platforms, a fitness enthusiast, a meditation evangelist.

But above all, a hardcore Public Speaker. I love Public Speaking.

I have been invited to speak at events such as TEDx Talks, Josh Talks, international conferences, and at corporates such as PepsiCo, Schindler, Deloitte, Intel, Airtel, Adobe, Hyatt to name a few.

I love speaking on topics on the entrepreneurial mindset, team building & leadership, attracting and retaining talent.

You can often find me speaking at leadership and motivational conferences, and entrepreneurial summits, events, corporates, colleges, and business schools.

And I owe most of my success in life to my Public and Effective Speaking Abilities.

But was I born with the natural talent of Public Speaking?


In fact, I was terrified of the stage as a young kid.

True Story:
I recall my first stage appearance back in Class 6th or 7th, when I was to recite a poem as part of a recital competition.

I went up on stage, a nervous wreck, blurted my lines, felt relieved at the end that it was all over, and rushed down the stage. 

It didn’t even strike me that there was no response from the audience after I had delivered my recital.

And frankly! I couldn’t care less.

When I got back to my seat, a fellow student asked, “what was that?”

“What was what?”, I asked.

“No words came out of your mouth. It was moving, but there was no sound at all.”

Cut forward to this day, most audiences when they hear me often very kindly say;

“one of the best speakers we have heard from”

Through a combination of humor, my life experiences, and plenty of anecdotes I am able to hold an audience for as long as 3 hours.

But when I started I didn’t have any guidance or a structure. I made many mistakes, lost many opportunities, and also made a fool of myself.

And now that I have a structure and technique in place, that you will get inside the Masterclass, I want to make sure that you conquer your fear of speaking early on in life.

(Get unlimited lifetime access for Rs. 299)




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much time will it take me to complete this Masterclass?

It will take you 1 hour to go through this Masterclass. You can always come back and refer to it whenever you want because you will get lifetime access.

Q. Is the Payment Verified and Safe?

Yes! The payment method is easy, safe, and verified.

Q. Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes! If you are not happy with the course you can cancel your purchase within 3 days and get a full refund. No awkward questions asked.

Q. Which language is this Masterclass in?

Currently the Masterclass is only available in English Language.

Q. Is this Masterclass LIVE, or pre-recorded?

This is a pre-recorded Masterclass that you can use for lifetime after purchase.

Q. How do I get my doubts clarified, if I have any?

You will get access to a community of like minded Public Speaking enthusiasts wherein you can share your doubts and connect with more people.

(Get unlimited lifetime access for Rs. 299)

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